African Deocr Ideas

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The first of our 10 African home decor ideas; a stunning sustainably sourced, porcelain cherry blossom ceiling light that was handmade in Africa.  Each piece of clay was handmade forming the petals of a cherry blossom.  Thereafter the clay blossoms where fired at high temperatures turning the clay into delicate pieces of art.  After the cherry blossoms cooled down each delicate porcelain piece was meticulously stung together to form the strands hanging down, from the stainless steel frame, attached to the ceiling.

The second featured African home decor idea, is these Stomper pots or Grain pots, as they are often referred to.  That have several unique home decor functions.  They can be turned upside down, as seen in the below image and used as functional side tables: in a living room, bedroom, office or commercial space.  They can also be used, right side up, as a decorative art piece or as functional art such as; an umbrella stands.  They also are ideal planters indoors or outdoors.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 1

African Grain Pots. Ideal African Home Decor Ideas.

Number 3. This home decor idea is a favourite in African safari game lodges as well as, residential and commercial spaces around the world.  Where they use these Cameroon beds as coffee tables, or as a foot-and-end bench. They come in a variety of different carvings and some have geometric patterns for the minimalist or the mid-century modernist.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 3

Handcarved African Bamileke Bed. African home decor idea. Use this as a coffee table.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 5

African wood carved Bamileke beds suited for the mid-centry modernist, or mimimalist.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 7

African Bamileke Bed – used as a coffee table in a commercial space in Seatle, Washington State, USA.

4. African sustainable wood procured and turned into stunning side tables as well as, coffee tables, for indoors or outdoors use.  These side tables come in a variety of shapes as well as, sizes and finishes.  In the below image, the 3 wood turned stools with white colour added to the sides and a natural wood top finishes – are installed in this beautiful beach house as coffee tables in the centre of this beautiful living room.  The royal blue side tables where installed as side tables. These are all made according to specifications or to view some suggested sizes use this link

10 African Home Decor Ideas

Wood turned stools installed as coffee tables as well as, side tables.

5. Dining room tables – made in South Africa

10 African Home Decor Ideas 9

This dining room table is made of Oak wood but is also available in a variety of other timber and also comes in a few different sizes.

6. Another sustainably sourced lighting idea for a commercial space as seen below or for a private residence.  These beautiful chandeliers where custom ordered for a 5* lodge in Rwanda.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 11

Recycled tumbled glass chandeliers. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and custom sizes.

7. 100% Karakul wool area rugs.  Available in natural colours.  No chemicals or dyes are used.  Visit this link for more options.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 13

Handmade in Africa – 100% Karakul Wool Area Rugs – Made to order according to customers specifications.

8. Responsibly sourced organic cowhide area rugs, made in Africa by hand.  Each tile sizes is cut by hand and then sewn together one stich at a time.  Available in natural cowhide colours.  No dyes used.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 15

Elegant Living Room handmade cow-hind rug.  Sizes according to customers specifications.

9. Wood bench – with typical South African hand-weaved Riempie style seating – made using top-of-the-line durable cord.  These cords come in a variety of colours and there are also more timber options to select from.

10 African Home Decor Ideas 17

Contemporary wood bench made by hand in Africa.

10. African Art – These wonderful art pieces where all my by hand using galvanized wire and glass beads.  There is a large variety of wildlife animals as well as, farm animals to select from.