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Today, collaboration between indigenous and European artisans residing in Africa, as well as, having access to the world wide web; brought about the fusion of ancient African crafting skills and techniques with modern day functional contemporary designs. South African resurgence in various types of design, duly noted around the world, brought about Cape Town being named “Design Capital of the World 2014.”   The featured image a hand weaved 100% Merino wool rug available at Phases Africa.
  1.     (image above) African Teak Table designed from recycled rail wood sleepers that use to be part of the original train tracks connecting countries on the continent of Africa, at the turn of the 19th century.  An 8 foot tall Rawhide Lamp designed by a South African artist, each lamp is handmade and no two lamps are alike.
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  2.     Genuine Ostrich Skin wing-back chairs available in a variety of colours. 

10 African Home Decor Ideas 3
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 3.     Yellow Jarrah Wood Dining Room Table, with matching benches (also created from recycled rail wood sleepers).  The table can also be manufactured in: Panga Panga Wood (almost black), African Teak (brown hue), and Rhodesian Teak (Red hue), all these timbers, are recycled rail wood sleepers.  The genuine Ostrich Skin and Leather Ottoman in burnt orange are also available in a variety of ostrich skin colours.

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1     4.          Panga Panga Wood Table (almost black in colour and recycled rail wood) with carved African wood figures makes a dramatic statement in any room.  Can be used as a server, desk or even as a dressing table.  The rope chair is a comfortable seat and a conversation piece.  The Tall colonial gentleman in the right-hand corner is one of Phases Africa’s bestselling items.  We also offer Colonial women, and they can be placed anywhere in your home or office, and especially look great in pairs or groups. The wall decor is a feathered headrest from Cameroon. In the foreground is a hand carved African wood stool often referred to as a Bamileke stool.  Phases Africa, has a wide selection of unique patterns in this hand carved African stools, many not available anywhere ells; as well as, Bamileke Beds that can be used as coffee tables or a decorative item in any room, in your home or office.

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5.    These bamboo lighting fixtures, designed by an South African artist.
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1       6.   A South African Sculptor created this driftwood coffee table and the driftwood swan sculptor.
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1       7.     Cowhide and Leather Benches – all done by hand, this same artist also makes cowhide rugs by hand, and Phases Africa have several designs and colour choices available on their website.
10 African Home Decor Ideas 8
100% Merino Wool Felted scatter cushions, throw pillows

      8.      These decorative scatter cushions, pillows – are made from felted Merino wool.  The pillows have 100% recycled polyester inners, 100% wool inners can be request. Special care should be taken. Not for use by children or high traffic. Available in a large variety of colours or just one colour.


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1       9.   Recycled Tumbled Glass chandeliers.  The artist uses all recycled materials: driftwood, cow-bone, shells and other objects that he gathers from fields and beaches. Most of his work are commissions for 5 star hotels, as well as, some architectural award winning homes.
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    10.       Wood Vases by a world renowned artist and master wood turner.