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About Phases Africa

Phases Africa is an exciting mix of “old” – African decor’s rich tribal heritage – combined with the “new” – sophisticated African custom-made furniture and home decor from some of Africa’s leading contemporary designers.

The introduction of Phases Africa’s collection to the US markets by opening a showroom in Los Angeles, back in 2001, was well timed by owner Noleen Kutash.  Due to the fact that luxury African safari lodges and hotels, were consistently winning the top honours in “the world’s best hotel” category – in some of the most prestigious magazines year after year world wide.

Phases Africa’s, inspired African furniture pieces, frequently spotted in top hotels and safari lodges consist of: tree root tables, wood-turnings, side tables and server tables. Custom-furniture made from recycled and sustainable wood, wooden benches as well as, ostrich skin couches and wingback chairs.  Tribal and ethnic beaded chairs, furniture from the Dogon and Senufo peoples, African hardwood furniture, we also sell occasional and outdoor chairs and much, much more.

Phases Africa’s African Decor, collections consist of a large variety of unique items: African art, African bronze sculptures, and wood sculpted vases. African bamileke stools and wood carved beds from Cameroon, wood hand-carved tall figures, also known as colonial figures.  Ashanti stools, fetish beaded dolls, telephone wire baskets, Ethiopian crosses, African textiles, and African wall art.

In our Lighting Fixtures category one will find: sustainable unique recycled glass chandeliers as well as, contemporary wood pendant light fixtures, made from wood and bamboo. On the wilder-side – ostrich eggshells and antelope horn chandeliers as well as, Kudu (oryx) horn wall sconces. There are also a variety of different table lamps made from horn and porcupine quills, including hanging and wall lights.

In our Handmade Area Rugs, category one will find cowhide area rugs, and 100% wool rugs.

Our African Art Decor category, represents two of South Africa’s top wood sculptures, each with their own unique style.

Our Kids’ Furniture & Decor, category is fairly new, with adorable stuffed toy animals for the little ones, and very unique room decor products ideal for tween and teen rooms.

South African safari lodges and hotels generally only use African products and have been consistently rated among the world’s top hundred hotels, in the most prestigious of publications year after year. Phases Africa obtains their products directly from the artisans responsible for the interiors of these luxurious hotels.

Noleen Kutash travels widely in South Africa and other African countries sourcing her range. A buying trip might involve visiting craft-workers in isolated country regions, seeking out sculptors or wood workers. She frequently meets with leading furniture designers in Johannesburg and Cape Town to perfect the accelerating fusion of her homeland’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary design. The result is Phases Africa – a collection that combines a new sophisticated contemporary furniture & home decor design aesthetics in the organic and timeless beauty of Africa’s tribal legacy.

Sourcing these goods for Phases Africa’s collection is an ongoing quest for that special piece of unusual beauty, fine workmanship and materials of the highest quality. “My aim has been to find items that are not readily available, that blend in well with a contemporary look as well as a more traditional styles of design”, explains Noleen. For more information on products, prices, shipping and lead time contact Phases Africa

A Sample of some of our Products.

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