African Art Decor, Diane Victor 1
© Fall-out Man Diane Victor
African Art Decor, Diane Victor 3
© Diane Victor

In 1988, Victor became the youngest recipient of the prestigious Volkskas Atelier Award (now known as the Absa L’Atelier Award) which allowed her to experience the European art scene in France, England and Germany. The historical art and architecture had a huge visual impact on her art. But Victor always chose to stick with the imagery she knows and feels, that of the South African society.

African Art Decor, Diane Victor 5
© Diane Victor
Victor is known for her provocative image which tends to get interpreted in the wrong way or evoke anger in the viewer. But Victor states that she wants her works to entice people out of their comfort zones and make them think about the things that upset them “She does not water down taboo content under ‘safe’ visual schemata for the sake of being more palatable or marketable,” writes Catherine Green, a writer for Art South Africa.
African Art Decor, Diane Victor 7
© Diane Victor

Looking beyond the intense emotive qualities of Victor’s work, what remains a constant is the capacity of her style. Whether rendering her subjects in charcoal, or undertaking conceptually challenging embossing, Victor shows an accomplished skill and a meticulous sense for detail. She researches her ideas thoroughly and is able to communicate and express the emotional value of her works.