African Beaded Armchairs

African Beaded Armchairs

African Furniture, Yoruba beaded chairs from Nigeria

The Yoruba beaded artists is a profession mostly held by the men of this tribe and passed on to future generations. The materials used are glass beads and tiny seed beads. The beaded armchairs were made strictly for royalty basically serving as a Yoruba Kings throne.

Yoruba Colourful Hand Beaded Royal Crowns

African Furniture Yoruba Armchairs – beaded

Yoruba Nigeria beaded Royal Crown

African Decor Yoruba Nigeria beaded Royal Crown

African Furniture white beaded chairs from Africa Yoruba people

African Hand-beaded armchair, Nigeria, Yoruba People

African Furniture, Handmade Beaded Armchairs

African Beaded Armchairs, Yoruba People Nigeria

African Furniture, beaded armchairs

African Furniture, White beaded chairs.