African Decor

Unique Side Tables – Grain Stomper Pots Turned Upside-down and painted as pictured below (or left in organic state as soon above)

African Decor

Old African Stompers Painted

These old African sustainably sourced grain pots, also known as stomper or mortar pots.  For example hail from African countries such as: Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia to name a few.

They can be used in a variety of ways as décor.  Left as is, in its organic appearance, they make excellent planters indoors as well as, outdoors.  In addition to, being used as umbrella stands in a commercial or residential space.  Furthermore, they can be placed in a raw state as African Art.

When these stomper pots are turned upside down (as seen in almost all these image) they serve as ideal side tables.  Lastly, they can also be painted as seen here.

African Decor

Sustainably Sourced Organic Grain Stomper Pots – Photographed upside-down

African Decor│Grain Stomper Pots 1

Grain Stomper Pots – Lozi

African Decor│Grain Stomper Pots 3

African Decor – Old Mortar Pot – Sustainably Sourced

African Decor

Sustainably Sourced – Old Stomper Pots from Africa – Polished only.

African Home Decor

African Stoper Pots – used as pot planters or turned upside-down as side-tables

African Decor│Grain Stomper Pots 5

Old Stomper Pot – African Home Decor

African Decor│Grain Stomper Pots 7

Old African Grain Pots Tonga-from-Zimbabwe-size-approx.-54hx29d-cm.jpg