About: These whimsical African home decor pieces are individually hand carved wooden “Colonial figures,” representing an unusual mix of African and European cultures. There are no two men or woman alike, and they stand on their own. They come in a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and are more striking in pairs or groups of three or more.  Smaller Colonial figure sizes are also available to purchase as well as life size figures. By that we mean the colonial figures have almost normal size figures (full-figures) as far as the width goes.

For the most part these “full-figured” colonials are all male sculptures and they have outstretched hands, in order for a tray to rest in their arms, as seen in below image, taken at Chitwa-Chitwa- game lodge in Kruger National Park, South Africa.  In this instance the colonial figure was placed in the bathroom holding a tray with toiletries, they can also be placed in an entrance of a home with welcome drinks.  How about a waiting room with magazines stacked on the tray, the creative possibilities are wide open.

Available Colours: 99% of the colonials are wearing white pants and the colour options comes down to the jackets – most common colours are; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White.

Male Colonial Figure Hat Options:  The red fez hats or the white pith helmets are the 2 options and here and there you may find a bald guy, the latter are very rare.

African Decor│Colonial Wood Figures 1

Colonial Figures Fezz Hat and Pith Helmets

African Decor│Colonial Wood Figures 3

Hand-carved wooden Colonial figures – women

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African Wood-carve Colonial Figure (full body) With Tray

African Decor│Colonial Wood Figures 5

Wood-carved African Colonial Figure with outstretched hands to fit a tray

African Decor│Colonial Wood Figures 7

African wood-carved Large Colonial Full Body Figure Butler





African Decor│Colonial Wood Figures 9

Small full figures African Colonial Figures Small – 94cm Tall x 25 Wide

African Decor│Colonial Wood Figures 11

African Wood Carved Colonial Figure A Chef – Full 2 meters tall

african decor

Colonial figure hand-carved in Africa – Chef – close-up