African Furniture & Decor

Image Courtesy of Neuhouse Hollywood. Wood turned Side Tables by Phases Africa Furntiure & Decor PTY ltd.

A passion for African furniture and decor and for the design masterpieces being turned out by the new wave of home furnishing designers in South Africa; as well as, an appreciation for the traditional arts and crafts of African culture has led to the launch of Phases Africa an online African Furniture and African Decor business where the majority of products are handmade and shipped across the globe.

Sourcing these goods for Phases Africa’s collection is an ongoing quest for that special piece of unusual beauty, fine workmanship and materials of the highest quality. “My aim has been to find items that are not readily available, that blend in well with a contemporary look as well as a more traditional styles of design”, explains Noleen.

There is something about African style that appeals across time and continents. The roots are inextricably African – which is a large part of its harm – but in recent years a new wave of designers have taken those roots, kept the glamour and something of the nostalgia, but injected contemporary sophistication into the mix. ” Lucia Van Der Post, The Times”

African Furniture

Indoor or outdoor lounger, with traditional African handwoven rope seating.

African Furniture

Hand-beaded Yoruba chair from Nigeria available in a large variety of paterns and colours.

African Furniture

Hand woved area rugs made from 100% South African Karakul Wool.

African Decor

Grain or stomer pots are ideal side tables if turned upside down – see image below

African Decor Ideas

Here are the above stomper pots turned upside down – colour can be added

African Decor Ideas

A Bwa Hawk plank mask displayed on an organic textured wall – in stock.

African Furniture

Organic handcarved Bamileke side-table – comes in natural finish as seen here or colour can be added.

African Decor Ideas.

African Wood-carved Bamileke Bed 172 x 59 x 36 cm High – These beds are used in Africa as coffee table in private residences or commercial spaces. See below

African Furniture & Decor Ideas

As seen here the Bamileke bed was used in a public commercial space in Seatlle US.

African Style Decor

Wood Turnings with colour added – as coffee tables and side tables. See below.

African Furniture & Decor Ideas 1

Displayed here the 2 white tables are placed in the center of the room serving as coffee tables and the two deep blue turnings are used as side-tables.