A passion for the design masterpieces being turned out by the new wave of home furnishing designers in South Africa – and an appreciation for the transitional arts and crafts of African culture – led to the opening of Phases Africa Furniture and Decor PTY (Ltd.) an online store that ships Internationally.  The Phases Africa collection is an exciting mix of the “old” – Africa’s rich tribal and European colonial heritage – combined with the “new” – sophisticated bespoke furniture, home decor, handmade area rugs, unique lighting and Art from some of Africa’s leading contemporary designers.

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African Furniture Design & Home Decor 1

Plantation wood Deck Chair (lounger) with traditional South African Riempie style handwoven seating.

African Furniture Design & Home Decor 3

Contemporary wooden bench – with handwoven cord seating available in a large variety of colour options.

African Furniture

Wood and leather upholstered chair side view

African Furniture

African Furniture Solid Oakwood Scorched Bench

African Furniture Design & Home Decor 5

South African Yellowwood Dinging Table. Custom sizes

African Furniture

Unique handmade occasional wooden chair

African Furniture

Hand sculpted unique wooden chair

Seating│Contemporary Wooden Chairs

Seating│Contemporary Wooden Chairs

Sourcing the goods for Phases Africa collection is an ongoing guest for that “special piece” of unusual beauty, fine workmanship and materials of the highest quality.  The result is Phases Africa – a collection that combines a sophisticated contemporary design aesthetic with the organic and timeless beauty of Africa’s tribal and colonial legacy.

Bamileke side tables

Bamileke side tables in raw state – before any of the following finishes have been applied such as; sanding and polish and/or stained or spray-painted

african furniture side tables

African Furniture, side tables, wood-turnings

african style lgithing

African style lighting fixture, cow-horn chandelier

Unique Lighting fixtures

African furniture and lighting Porcupine Pendant Light Fixture

African Furniture

From Left to Right: 3 Wood turned side tables or stools as well as, two sculpted pebbles. Can either be used indoors or outdoors – the latter prefered under an overhang.

African Hand-carved Door

African Hand-carved Door

African Furniture Design & Home Decor 7

African Ashanti Stools

Sustainably sourced coffee table tree roots