African furniture and decor has much to offer the world when it comes to furnishing luxury homes, offices and the hospitality industry. The introduction of Phases Africa’s collection to Global markets, was well timed, by owner Noleen Kutash. Due to the fact, that these luxury African safari lodges, international 5 star hotels as well as, commercial buildings across the globe. That incorporated furniture made in Africa are consistently winning the top honors, in the world most prestigious travel and design publications. Our featured image is courtesy of: Chinzombo Zambi Safari Lodge.

The tree root tables featured above, used as coffee tables, are a particular popular furniture design idea trending right now.  Below are two Phases Africa tree root tables and the wood for all our tree roots are sustainably sourced, we only use naturally felled trees. The first tree root, was a coffee table base constructed for a 5 star lodge in Botswana – in this instance the timber used was Matzeri, an African hardwood.   In the second example; is an image of a 700mm high tree root, used as a tasting table for a wine cellar, in another 5 star lodge in South Africa.  In both instances we recommend glass tops (not seen in these images.)

African Furniture Design 1

African Furniture Design – Image: Chinzombo Zambi Safari Lodge

Tree Root Tables

Tree Root Table – Sustainably Sourced African Hardwood

tree root tables

Tree Root Table – African Hardwood Sustainably Sourced

In the next image we have 5 wood-turned side tables with colour added according to our customers specifications. These wood turnings are available in a variety of styles and sizes.  Please visit all our African furniture pages on our website to see other options.

African Furniture Design 3

Living Room Furniture – Wood Turnings as Coffee Tables and Side Tables

African Furniture Design 5

5 Wood Turned Stools 2 Different Sizes and Heights.

African Furniture Design 7

Phases Africa’s Wood Turned Stools for Neuehouse Hollywood – Image Rockwell Group

Below, a close up look at the wood turned stools ordered by the Rockwell Group, for Neuehouse Hollywood project shown in the above image.


5 Styles – African-wood-turned-side-tables

African Furniture Design 9

African hand-beaded Yoruba Chairs

These African hand beaded royal chairs were made for the Yoruba royal family from South-western Nigeria, and Benin, in West Africa. It takes approx 12 to 14 weeks to add these tiny beads, to a single chair.  The colours and patterns can be made to your specifications and the style of the chair can also be changed within reason.

African Furniture Design 11

African Bamileke hand-carved stool used as a side table – white spray painted

These Bamileke hand-carved stools come in a large variety of patterns, sizes, and styles and finishes are either natural, stained dark or spray painted.  They are spectacular as a coffee table, when several Bamilekes are used at different sizes and heights, and stacked together in the center of a living room as group. A particularity wonderful coffee table idea is grouping several of these Bamilekes together, change up the sizes and even the styles.  And an additional plus in doing so is the smaller and lighter Bamilekes in the group, can quickly be moved to serve as side tables, for that cocktail to rest on.   In the image below the Bamileke stools have not been cleaned nor sanded or polished.  To see more style options visit all our pages in our “African Decor” category on our website.

African Decor

Bamileke stools, in raw state, before sanded by hand and polished.

African Furniture Design 13

African Bamileke Bed as Coffee Table

In the above image is an African Bamileke bed from Phases Africa, stained dark and used as a coffee table, in a prestigious commercial space, in Seattle Washington.  These African wood beds, also come in a variety of styles and sizes. Below is another example, a more ornate carved bed, and below that image are a few Bamilekes stacked on-top of each other with different patterns – again these 3 natural finished Bamilekes are in a raw state, meaning they have not yet been cleaned, sanded or polished, stained or painted.

African Furniture Design 15

African hand-carved Bamileke Beds

African Furniture Design 17

Natural Wood African hand-carved Bamileke Beds – Ideal Coffee Tables

Below a few of our unique furniture pieces from our South African Furniture Collection – Ostrich Skin Furniture –  sustainably sourced hides.

African Furniture Design 19

Ostrich Skin Wing-Back Chair

African Furniture Design 21

Ostrich Skin Leather Armchair.

African Furniture Design 23

Ostrich Skin Leather Couch

The trending finish for wood products, are a scored finish, as seen in the following 3 images – different furniture pieces all with a scorched finish – the wood is burnt with a blowtorch – yes, it is risky, but the result is stunning.  A finish is applied after the scorching to ensure that their is not a single trace of residue, thus ensuring it is user friendly.

African Furniture Design 25

African Furniture Solid Oak-Wood Bench (with an intentionally burnt finish)

Side Tables wood-turnings scorched

Side Tables wood-turnings with scorched (burnt) finish


3 wood turnings with a scorched (burnt) finish

African Furniture Design 27

African Tribal Chair 100% Merino Wool Felt

A unique African sleeper-wood cabinet/dresser (armoire) hand-crafted from untreated hardwood ties used to construct the railroads in Africa at the turn of the nineteenth century. For the front of the cabinet an African wooden Dogon door was used, this door was hand-carved in West Africa by the Dogon People. This armoire was custom made. We have more African hand-carved doors to select from.  As well as, other ideas on how to use these stunning African hand-carved door, as African furniture, Art or decor – please visit this page to view more options.

African Furniture Design 29

African Style Armoire with Dogon Door Front