Phases Africa's wood turned stools for Neuehouse Hollywood - image: Rockwell Group

wood turned stools for Neuehouse Hollywood – Rockwell Group

African Home Decor

Woodturnings side tables for Neuehouse Hollywood – Rockwell Group

African Home Decor Ideas 1

Woodturnings – side tables – 5 styles. Available in custom sizes. Finish applied here are stained wood finish.


The feature image credits: African Stools by Phases Africa Furniture and Decor for Neuehouse Hollywood Image: Source Wallpaper Magazine

Perfect for home, hospitality or office decor – each wood-turned stool has its own unique character with natural edges according to the different wooden stumps obtained. For inside use, natural stain can be applied as seen in this image. Size: 300mm Diameter and 400mm High

African Home Decor Ideas

African Decor Wood Headrests ©Phases Africa

Headrest from the Dinka people of South Sudan

“A young man is entitled to begin wearing the distinctive coiffure that marks him as an adult only after he is initiated. As each member of the age set rises through the hierarchical society, changes in jewellery, hairstyle and feather decorations for the hair often mark each promotion. The use of headrests is often associated with this advancement and the headrests themselves become status symbols. Whether this pattern is true for the Shilluk and Dinka is unknown, but it certainly seems likely as Shilluk men still wear elaborate coiffures, and among the Dinka headrests/stools are primarily used by older men (Jeremy Coote, personal communication). The Dinka multi-purpose headrests/stools also provide a convenient place to sit as it is not considered proper for elderly men to sit directly on the ground”.  William Dewey – Africa The Art of a Continent

Size: 15cmH x 24L x 7cmW x 15cmH

African Decor Ideas

African Decor Ashanti stool © Phases Africa

African Ashanti Stool: This African vintage Ashanti Stools, are spiritual as well as practical, carved from a single block of wood.  Legend foretells that the soul of the owner/s of the stool resides in the seat of the stool.  Hence, when the seat of the stool was not in use, it would lean against a wall, thus preventing other people’s souls passing-by from entering the owner’s seat.   Placing this stool in a contemporary or traditional setting can add a unique sculptural element to any living space.

Size: 50Diam cm x 39H cm

African Decor Idea

Hand-carved African Senufo Bed

These minimalistic hand sculptured African Senufo stools are hand carved in the Ivory Coast of Africa from a single block of wood..   Please contact us with your required size specifications as well as finish options.  Either natural wood finish, stained black or brown or spray-painted in a colour of your choosing. Adding this Senufo bed in any space would enhance the room with a minimalistic sculptural element.

The size of this specific Senufo bed is: 170cm Long x 40cm Wide x 33cm High.

African Decor Ideas

Old African Grain or Stomper Pots or also refered to as Mortar Pots.

Turned upside down can either be left in its natural wood finish or it can be pained as seen in the center image. These make ideal side tables. They can also be used as is or as planters turned right-side up.

The sizes vary – the above feathered Mortar Pots – approx. 51cmHigh x 32cmWide.

African Decor Ideas

Felt Scatter Cushions as well as, Decorative Felt Ottomans

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African Home Decor Ideas 3

Great African Wall Decor. These beautiful hand-carved and painted African Shields are ideal for mounting on a wall.

African Home Decor Ideas 5

This decorative art piece is one-of-a-kind. This wooden bowl was made by an award winning artist.

The timber used: Cypress wood (Cupressus} – with (treated) old thorn type fence wire.

Size: 250mm (W) Diameter x 215mm (High) or 9.8 x 8.4 inchesSize: 15cmH x 24L x 7cmW x 15cm

African Art Decor

African Sculpted Wood Bowl by South African artisit.

Natal Mahogany

Size: 265mm (Diameter) x 200mm (High) or 10.4 x 7.8 inches Sculpted Wood Bowl.