African Textiles such as; Kuba and Shoowa cloth are cultivated and weaved by the men in the tribe.  There are several different types of Kuba cloth, all serving a different purpose.  Apart from the men harvesting the Kuba cloth, they also prepare it for the looms, and weave it themselves.   At first the raffia has a coarse texture when it is removed from the loom.  Therefore, it needs to be pounded in a mortar, in order to soften it, for the use of clothing and decorative home use.  The latter task is left to the Kuba women to accomplish.

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 1

Kuba Cloth Plaquet 7m L by 78cm W

This African textile made from a raffia plant is the most sought-after African textile, by collectors, across the globe.  The shoowa cloth appearing more velvet in texture. In post – Renaissance Europe, Kuba Cloth, the embroidered and appliqué decorated raffia cloth from the Congo (formerly Zaire), entered the curio cabinets and treasuries of nobles and kings as the finest representation of African art.

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 3

Kuba Plaquet 2.81M L x 75cm W

More recently, the mastery of Kuba cloths’ abstract patterning was a source of inspiration to artists such as Matisse, who displayed part of his large collection on the wall of his studio. Phases Africa directly trades with Congo’s most renowned source on Kuba Cloth.  Please contact us – with your specific needs, or forward us an image of a particular cloth you’re looking for, we will do our utmost to locate it for you.

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 5

Kuba Cloth Plaquet 5.05m L by 88cm W

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 7

Kuba Cloth Plaquet 3.25M L by 25cm W

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 9

Kuba Cloth Mapela 6.15m L by 76cm W

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 11

Kuba Cloth Mapela Special 3.48M by 77cm W

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 13

Kuba Cloth Plaquet 4.58m L by 73cm W

kuba cloth, Bushong cloth, plaquet cloth, showa cloth, raffia cloth from Congo

Kuba Cloth called Intum – with hand-embroidery and cowrie shells – Detail View

African Textiles│A-Grade Kuba Cloth 15

Kuba Cloth African Textiles Detail View