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African Furniture Design

African furniture and decor has much to offer the worlds global markets when it comes to furnishing luxury homes, offices and the hospitality industry. The introduction of Phases Africa’s collection to Global markets,

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Ostrich Eggshell Globes│Lighting

Ostrich Eggshell Light-fixture (13 eggs) Phases Africa Ostrich Egg Table Lamp A soft lighting effect created by inserting tiny holes in this beautiful chandelier made from naturally colored ostrich eggshells.  These ostrich eggs,

Tree Root Tables│Dining & Coffee

Tree root tables, constructed from sustainably sourced African hardwoods.  Furthermore, the process of unearthing a tree's root system is no small task.  As a result Phases Africa works with a team of outstanding and

Unique Lighting

Phases Africa's unique lighting fixtures are spotted in some of the worlds top 5 star hotels and many of South Africa's top 10 safari lodges. These tall Rawhide and wood floor lamps, are frequently

A South African Visual Artist

Dave Robertson a self-taught visual artist, based in Cape Town, first worked as a freelance art director in the film industry.  He retired recently to focus on his visual art full-time. © Dave Robertson

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