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10 African Home Decor Ideas

African Furniture and Decor Ideas Today, collaboration between indigenous and European artisans residing in Africa, as well as, having access to the world wide web; brought about the fusion

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2020 African Interior Design Products

African Beaded Arm Chairs - Yoruba People Nigeria In this post we will be showcasing some African interior design products for 2020 - by Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY

African Mid-Century Modern Chair

These African mid-century modern chairs, were made using (Nguni) cow hair-on-hide leather and superb quality steel frames.   Natural (Nguni) cowhide colours: black, grey, brown and white. These one-of-a-kind chairs cannot be duplicated as each

Ultimate Safari Lodge Interiors

When I lived abroad being homesick meant I longed for Africa bush, after all, it is Africa's soul. Furthermore interior of safari lodges like Molori is what ultimately led me to launch Phases Africa