Handmade Cowhide Rugs

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These handmade cowhide rugs are constructed using a variety of hair-on-hide sized tiles, that were first cut by hand, and then stitched together to form a single cowhide rug (see images with tile sizes

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Finest African Textiles│Kuba Cloth

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In post - Renaissance Europe, Kuba Cloth, the embroidered and appliqué decorated raffia cloth from the Congo (formerly Zaire), entered the curio cabinets and treasuries of kings as well as, nobles the finest representation

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Ultimate Safari Lodge Interiors

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When I lived abroad being homesick meant I longed for Africa bush, after all, it is Africa's soul. Furthermore interior of safari lodges like Molori is what ultimately led me to launch Phases Africa

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African Decor

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Phases Africa Furniture and Decor, has been a leader in the import and export business since 2001, bringing African decor as well as, luxury contemporary and traditional African furniture, unique lighting, handmade rugs

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African Beaded Chairs & Decor

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African Beaded Chairs Front View African Beaded Armchairs These African beaded chairs and decor hails from Nigeria in West Africa and was all beaded by hand.  Fist of all,

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African Decor & Furniture In 2020

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What to expect from African decor and furniture in 2020: Here's the scoop - several of the world's most prestigious architectural design firms as well as, numerous top international interior designers have acquired

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Contemporary African Furniture & Decor

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Tribal Chair Ethnic Chair Side View Ethnic Chair Front View available at This Ethnic chair was inspired by the beautiful country and people of Ethiopia. Outer 100% Merino Wool filled with

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African Home Decor Ideas

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African Stools Neuehouse Hollywood Source Wallpaper magazine African Hardwood Stools ©Phases Africa AFRICAN WOOD-TURNED STOOLS The feature image credits: African Stools by Phases Africa Furniture and Decor for Neuehouse Hollywood Image: Source

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African Furniture Design

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African furniture and decor has much to offer the world when it comes to furnishing luxury homes, offices and the hospitality industry. The introduction of Phases Africa’s collection to Global markets, was well

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