May 2020, for your shopping pleasure, decor from Africa, sold by a leader in the import and export home decor business, since 2001, long before it was fashionable to do so.  Phases Africa, also offers several other product categories such as; luxury contemporary as well as, traditional African furniture, unique lighting, African Art, handmade rugs and kid’s room decor.  All these products are available on our online store, though most of our furniture, rugs, lighting, art decor and kids’ room decor are made to order.  Therefore, all further inquiries including prices as well as, lead times can be made by contacting us via email.

This exuberant and eclectic mix of African products includes; elegant home furnishings as well as, one-of-a-kind handmade tribal home décor sourced from all over Africa. Our company works directly with one of the Congo’s leading African textile sources in Kuba as well as, Shoow cloth. Hand-carved Colonial Figures remain popular all over the world and our Colonial figures are available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colours.  You will also find, our equally popular hand-carved wooden Bamileke stools as well as, beds in our African decor category online.  In that same category there are wood Senufo stools in a variety of sizes, and wooden Senufo beds.  A large variety of African masks are offered for purchase and we would do our very best to locate that hard to find piece of art from anywhere in Africa.

African Furniture and Home Decor Ideas

Hand-carved Senufo side tables and coffee tables. Images seen here are still unfinished product. Finish options are: natural, which consists of sanded and polised with a clear wax polish, stained dark or spray-painted.

Decor From Africa 1

African Hand-Carved Wood Figures  Phases Africa Decor

Decor From Africa 3

African Decor, Colonial Wood Carved Figures

Decor From Africa 5

African Home Decor – Yoruba Royal Crown

African Decor

African Beaded Royal Yoruba King Crowns

African Decor

Bamilekes in raw state before sanded by hand and polished.

African Decor hand chiseled bowls

African Art Decor hand chiseled bowls

Senufo Stool

Senufo Stool

African Decor

Senufo Hand-carved Wood Bed

Decor From Africa 7

African wall decor – Masks African Decor – Wall Art

Decor From Africa 9

African Home Decor – Organic 100% Merino Wool Cushion-70-x-50W available in a large variety of colours

African Decor

African Decor plank-mask African wall art


African Home Decor – Totem Poles, Wood Plank Masks, Dogon Wood Ladders

Congo Kuba Cloth Antique Brodee

Congo Kuba Cloth Antique Brodee    African Decor – Kuba Cloth

Decor From Africa 13

Kuba Cloth African Textiles

Decor From Africa 15

African Textiles Kuba Cloth

In post – Renaissance Europe, Africa’s Kuba and Showa Cloth as well as Antique Brodee, the embroidered and appliqué decorated raffia cloth from the Congo (formerly Zaire), entered the curio cabinets and treasuries of nobles and kings as the finest representation of African art. More recently, the mastery of Kuba cloths’ abstract patterning was a source of inspiration to artists such as Matisse, who displayed part of his large collection on the wall of his studio.

An interior decor idea from Africa:  Turn these old African grain pots upside down and paint them, as seen below, they make ideal occasional or side-tables indoor or outdoors.  The old pots left as is – can be used as pot planters also inside or outside.

African Decor

This old African grain pot

african decor - old african grain pots painted

African Decor – old African grain pots painted and turned upside down to be used as side tables.

African Home Decor grass baskets, wall art

African Wall Decor Grass Baskets Used As Wall Art

Wood Chiseled Bowls