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African Home Decor – Wall Art – Hand-carved Shields

Phases Africa Furniture & Décor PTY, was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles.  Today, Phases Africa is based in South Africa where they remain leaders in: home décor, African art décor as well as, handmade furniture, unique lighting, handmade area rugs and kids’ room decor. We frequently update our posts on our site as well as provide our reader and subscribers to our YouTube channel with the latest home decor ideas from Africa.

“The contemporary art scene in South Africa incorporates a huge range of interesting art forms, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork, many of which have a graphic edge inspired by tribal art. Recycled art is a particularly exciting development, with amazing creations made with whatever is available, such as wire, tins even safety pins.” It is clear to see that creative and artistic expression is well and truly thriving in South Africa – and it is more than worthy of our attention”  Desmond Colborne

Desmond Colborne wrote the above paragraph 21 years ago. In 2001, Noleen Kutash owner of Phases Africa returned to South Africa, her native land to purchase her first home décor products for an established home furnishing store located inside Fred Segal’s in Santa Monica Los Angeles.

Today, I am even more thrilled, if possible, then I was back in 2001, upon seeing the growth and benefits that have stem from introducing these amazing, talented artisans products from all over Africa to world markets, says Noleen; also the contemporary artistic development has continued to expand and thrive, not only in South Africa but it’s sweeping the continent of Africa.

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Wood turnings, with scorched finished available in a variety of sizes and other finishes as alternative options

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Black & White Beaded African Yoruba Royal Armchairs

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Black & White Porcupine Quill Wall Sconce Shades

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Black & White Hand Cut Cowhide Tiles – stitched together one tile at a time.  Available in custom sizes and natural organic cowhide colours.

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Wood turnings – with colour added according to customers colour specifications.

unique recycled glass hanging light

Sustainably Sourced Unique Recycled Glass Chandelier

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Beaded and Cowrie Shell Cameroonian Armchairs

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Kids’ Room Decor – Handmade Art – Zebra made from recycled wire and beads

Seating│Contemporary Wooden Chairs

Contemporary Wooden Chairs

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100% African Karakul Wool Area Rug – Hand woven

Unique Handmade Wool Rugs, wool area rugs, wool rugs hand-weaved, unique area rugs

100% Unique Merino Wool Handmade Felted Area Rug With Pebbles

ottoman, cussions, felt cussions, velt ottoman, pouf,

100% Merino Wool Tribal Ottomans

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Decorative Pillows Rock Cushions