These soft stuffed animals can be used as kids room decor or stuffed animal toys and are the perfect gift ideas for a baby shower.  These adorable baby and toddler toys were hand crochet by South African artists, custom sizes can be requested.  Contact us for quotes and lead times.  We ship internationally

kids room decor, stuffed toys, Elephant

Kids’ Stuffed Toys, Elephant

Kid's furniture & Decor │Caterpillar

Kids’ Stuffed Toys, Caterpillar

Stuffed Toys Panda │Kids Room Decor

Kids’ Room Decor│Stuffed Animals│Panda

Kids Room Decor│Stuffed Toys 1

Kids’ Room Decor, Stuffed Animal Toys, Cats

Kids Room Decor│Stuffed Toys 3

Children’s Stuffed Animals, Bunny

Kids Room Decor│Stuffed Toys 5

Kids Stuffed Toys│ Unicorn

Kids Stuffed Toys│Children's Room Decor

Kids Stuffed Toys│Children’s Room Decor│Giraffe