African Decor│Wood Carved Bamileke

These African decor pieces are called Bamilekes and are used as side tables.  Another living room idea is to stack several of these Bamilekes with a variety of widths and heights together and turn them in to a stunning coffee table.   They are all hand carved wood and ‘made for a King,’ to sit on during ceremonial rituals in Cameroon while honoring the earth spider. According to legend, the earth spider plays a vital part in solving problems. As the earth spider is an essential link between the present and ancestral underground world.

The “X” shape rosettes of a six or eight star pattern carved into the Bamileke stools indicates a spiders’ shape.  It also suggests the common denominator shared by both spider and King of divine knowledge.

Material: Mansonia Wood (Mansonia altissima.)

Available Sizes: 30 Diam 40 Diam  50 Diam, 55 Diam, 60 Diam and between 70 -80 Diam and height vary

Available Colours: Natural, Stained Black or Dark Brown it can also be spray painted in any colour of your choosing. A new option is to spary paint only the sides.

The order code: BBC 100