Project Description

African Decor│Wood Carved Bamileke

These African decor pieces are called Bamilekes and are used as side tables.  Another living room idea is to stack several of these Bamilekes with a variety of widths and heights together and turn them in to a stunning coffee table.   They are all hand carved wood and ‘made for a King,’ to sit on during ceremonial rituals in Cameroon while honoring the earth spider. According to legend, the earth spider plays a vital part in solving problems. As the earth spider is an essential link between the present and ancestral underground world.

The “X” shape rosettes of a six or eight star pattern carved into the Bamileke stools indicates a spiders’ shape.  It also suggests the common denominator shared by both spider and King of divine knowledge.

Please use the arrows inserted on the sides of the above images to view more options

Material: Mansonia Wood (Mansonia altissima.)

Available Sizes: 30 Diam 40 Diam  50 Diam, 55 Diam, 60 Diam and between 70 -80 Diam and height vary  – The raw (unfinished) 1st image is a rare 1Meter in diam size x 45 cm high.   Whereas the 2nd image featured here is approx. 3ocm diam x 55cm high – The spray-painted white bamileke is 60cm diam x 45cm high

Available Colours: Natural, Stained Black or Dark Brown it can also be spray painted in any colour of your choosing.

The order code: BBC 100