African Decor, Old African Grain Pots

These sustainably sourced old African grain pots are also known as mortar or stomper pots.  For the most part, left in its original organic appearance, these stomper pots make excellent planters indoors as well as, outdoors. Furthermore, they are the perfect umbrella stands, in either residential or commercial spaces.  In addition, placed as a decorative item in your home or office may add a spritz of je ne sais quoi.

Next, when turned upside down (as seen in the above image) these old mortar pots serves as the ideal side tables.  Left in its natural organic state or they can be painted (pictured above in the center.)   The paint can vary as well, it can be a mixture of the natural wood with a few white stripes or it can also be painted in sold colours of your choosing.  To view more pot options follow this link