Project Description

These African decorative masks worn by the indigenous peoples from a variety of different countries in Africa have an ancient history and even greater significance for the faces behind the masks, and those who spend countless hours making them.  Today these African masks are seen as art hanging on walls or mounted on stands all over the world: in the hospitality industry, commercial spaces, contemporary homes as well as traditional ones.

The African masks are an intricate part of each tribes culture, worn during rituals, initiations, celebrations, and giving thanks especially after a great harvest. And before war the villagers will don their masks and congregate in ritualistic dance; praying to their deities to guide them through battle and render them victorious.

African mask are one of the most collectible Art forms and can be viewed in many of the world’s greatest African art collections both private and public.

Please use arrows on either side of image to view more options.  If there is a particular mask you are interested in finding, please let us know.  We work with with suppliers throughout Africa and will do our very best to find you the mask/s.

Materials: Vary greatly the most commonly used are: wood, beads, shells, raffia, animal bones, vegetable dyes.