Project Description

African Senufo Bed

African Decor

African Senufo bed, can be used as a coffee table or a bench or placed as a sculptural element in any room.   It is hand-carved from a single piece of wood and adds a conversation piece of functional African art to any space whether it is in a hotel, commercial building, a waiting room or a living room.

African Decor – hand-carved by the Senufo people residing in – Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire (also known as Ivory Coast), and Mali.

The size of this particular Senufo Bed is: 79 L” x 21 W” x 12 3/4 H” or  approx. 200cm (L) x 54cm (W) x 31cm (H)

Order Number: SEN 0018