African Senufo Coffee Table

African Senufo Coffee Table 7

African Senufo also spelled (Senoufo) coffee tables are hand-carved by the Senufo people from West Africa.  The Senufo people are known to hail from either northern (Côte d’Ivoire) Ivory Coast or southeastern Mali.  These tables are sought-after by interior designers, the world over, for their minimalistic structure with a typical wabi-sabi feel.  The Senufo craftsmanship are easily identified by their sturdy wooden legs.  The tables seen here have not yet been treated we normally leave them natural until we receive orders.  They are then finished according to specifications (see finish options below)  Phases Africa have more Senufo functional art pieces such as: stools and Senufo beds

Size: the Senufo table stacked on top is approx. 116cm L x 49cm W x 33cm H – These tables are rare and the size should not be the first preference.

Finish Options: natural wood finish, stained black or dark brown.

Order Code:  AD-SEN