Project Description

African Style Cabinet│Dresser│Armoire

The first image featured here; is of a unique African sleeper-wood cabinet/dresser (armoire) hand-crafted from untreated hardwood ties used to construct the railroads in Africa at the turn of the nineteenth century. For the front of the cabinet an African wooden Dogon door was used, this door was hand-carved in West Africa by the Dogon People. Please use the arrows inserted on either side of the above image to view more options.

The first image following the armoire, is also a Dogon door.  This antique hand-carved door is a valuable piece of African Art and was placed on a custom build metal stand, lending a sculptural element to any room in your home or office.

Following the Dogon doors, in the image viewer, are two more images of wooden doors, both hand-carved by the Nupi people of Nigeria.  They can either be displayed as art, or used in a functional way as was done with the African dresser.

Size: 200L x 107W x 46Deep cm

Antique Wood: Panga Pange