African Wall Decor│Plank Masks

These wall art African masks, are all hand-carved as well as, hand-painted wood.  They are ideal as wall art but equally impressive mounted on a stand and placed on the floor or tables.  Some of these wooden masks are from Kenya (as seen on our cover page.)  However, most of these wall decorative plank masks are from West Africa.  Placing one or several of these plank masks in groups, as seen on our cover page, will add a stunning addition to any room – whether it’s traditional, contemporary, at home or the office.

Above image: Bobo mask from Burkina Faso – order code: BB222 Size: 127H x 21W x 25.4D cm

Please use this link to view more plank mask wall decor options or if you’re looking for a specific African mask you can contact us and forward your specifications and we will provide you with images, sizes and prices to choose from.