Project Description

African Wood Carved Pygmy Beds

African Wood Carved Pygmy Beds – These African-style tribal decorative wooden beds all vary in size and adds a sculptural element to any room in your home or office.

Please use the arrows inserted on either side of the above image to scroll through the slide show to view all the different style Pygmy Beds

The bed featured on the main page is Size: 160L x 69W x 36.5cm H

Size of first image featured in the above slide show: 160L x 63W x 35cm H

Size of second image with the 2 small Dan chairs: 130L x 60W x 30cm H

Size of third image Cameroon Pygmy Bed: 100L x 60W x 36cm H

Size of finale image African Pygmy Bed from Gabon & Bulu Tribe:  110L x 60cW x 32cm H