Project Description

African Wood Turned Side Tables│Stools

These wood turned side tables made from African hardwood is perfect for home, hospitality or office decor – each wood-turned stool has its own unique character with natural edges according to the different wooden stumps obtained. For inside use, natural stain can be applied as seen in this image. For outside use, please contact us at on how to best treat the wood against natures elements. Please use the arrows inserted on the sides of the above image for more views of these wood-turned side tables

Please note natural cracks and separations will appear and is part of the organic appeal. We also recommend not placing the turnings directly on rugs, due to possible remaining moisture content in the wood.

Size: 300mm Diam and 400mm High

Wood Species:

White and Red Eucalyptus

White Poplar


London Plane

Order Codes: From Left to Right: Drum, Zig-Zag, V-Shape, Goblet, Bobbin. The last image in this set is the wave design. We require a minimum purchase of 2 stools per order in any combination of our designs.