Beaded Bamileke Stools

These Bamileke stools were hand carved as well as, hand beaded.  These African decorative pieces are referred to as “stools” by the native Cameroonian artisans, who carves them out of a solid tree trunks.  These Bamileke tables often referred to as “stools” are used as side tables.  Another great idea is to use them as a coffee table.  This can be achieved by placing a few of them together in the centre of a room, even in different sizes and patterns, works beautifully.    The latter stack together side by side, in the centre of a living room, hotel lobby or commercial spaces, across the globe.

The Bamileke tribe from Cameroon originally carved these solid tree trunks by hand, into a Bamileke throne, for their Royal family, during a particular ceremonial ritual honouring the earth spider.  These elegant African home decor piece adds a sculptural element to any room whether it’s a residential home, office or for the hospitality industry.

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Order number: BBT 212

Available sizes, beaded colours and patterns vary: please contact us to see what is currently available.