Clay Beaded Chandeliers

The featured image of the cream coloured clay beaded light fixture (other colour options available see below) referred to as the stoneware method, where each clay bead was first rolled by hand, then baked at high temperatures and finally elegantly draped onto brushed stainless steel frames.  As many as seven different sizes of cream coloured stoneware beads were used to drape these frames by hand.

In the 2nd option seen here, the beads were also first rolled by hand and baked at a lower temperatures than the stoneware beads.  This is referred to as the earthenware method and in this case there are a larger variety of available colour options to select from.  There are also different size beads used in this earthenware fixture as well as different shaped beads. Please use the same colour chart, as the above mentioned, to select from.

A colour chart with the following colour options: named from left to right is also available here

  • White stoneware
  • Blushed Malobi
  • Terracotta
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Charcoal

1. Info on the stoneware method  (seen here) custom sizes can be requested.

Size: 650mmD x approx. 650 – 700 mmH

Weight: between 20 and 22kg each

Material: Brushed Stainless steel, Stoneware

Colour Options: cream as seen in stoneware image or any of the earthenware colour which are chocolate brown and terracotta colours

Order Code: LRC- 0045