Contemporary Aluminum Unique Floor Lamp

These contemporary aluminum unique floor lamp were cut in a pattern with a laser, and made to function in 3 different lighting settings: (image featured here) where the top as well as the bottom of the floor lamp are switched on.  To view an image where only the top part of the lamp is lit as well as, an image where just the bottom part of the standing lamp is lit, follow this link

Size: 1750mm height, 600mm diameter at top and base.

Weight: 2.5kg

Available Colours: gold, copper, silver black and white.  This Aluminum laser cut lighting fixture can be finished in either a single colour or two tone as seen in these images. Custom colours can be requested.

Material: Aluminium

Cable: supplied with 3m cable – either clear, black or white

Lamp: supplied with 2 LED reflector lamps / GU10 base one facing up and the other down that can be switched independently.

Please use arrows inserted on either side of the above image – to view the different lighting settings.

Order Code: CACL – 0015