Project Description

Cowhide Ottomans│Cube Style

These handmade cowhide ottomans; this cube style ottoman were constructed by cutting each piece by hand the individual piece of hide is then laid out to formulate a pattern. Followed by stitch-holes that are punched around each component’s perimeter before, hand-stitched with waxed cotton thread into a single tapestry.  Each ottoman has approx. 3cm Oak wood feet, these comes in a natural or stained finish.

Pattern Options: mosaic, cross or mixed mosaic (last image shown hear)

Available in a large variety of natural cowhide colours: beige, black, brown and pure white although the latter is more expensive because it is very rare.

Size: 45cm x 45cm on cross stitch-design OR 50cm x 50cm on mosaic stitch

Cushion Thickness: approx. 10cm

Minimum Order: sold in matching pairs only