Project Description

Cowhide & Wood/Stainless Steel Framed Ottoman

These cowhide & wood frame ottomans, also available with stainless steel frames, were constructed by cutting each piece of hide by hand. Followed by stitch-holes that are punched around each component’s perimeter before hand-stitched with waxed cotton thread. The frames are natural finished Oak wood or it can be stained in a colour of your choosing in this case we use Ash wood. Custom sizes are also available as seen here in the light coloured cowhide cross stitched oak wood framed bench. Please use the arrows inserted on both sides of the above image to view other options and workmanship up-close.

Regular size: Size: 1680L x 480W x 450mmH – cushion thickness approx. 20cm

Custom sizing:  needs to be done within the constraints of the stitch design  – four legs on 120cm-or-less spans / Six legs on 121cm-or-more spans

Available Frame options: Brushed Stainless steel, Natural American Oak or Stained Ash

Available in 3 different patterns: maxi-wave, cross or mosaic, as well as a variety of natural cowhide colors.