Handmade Hanging Lights

These handmade hanging lights are made according to our customers specifications.

The lights are made using small Lucite/Plexiglas pieces, each piece is first painstakingly cut before heated in a kiln, until they become flexible.  At which point the warm pieces of Lucite are then moulded into the desired shapes. Finally, they are tumbled with a mixture of sand and water until they look like matt glass.

The ceiling plates for both light fixtures are framed stainless steel mesh that are powder coated in colours, according to our customers specifications.  The lights are usually LED down lights or LED G4’s depending on application.

The size: of the 1st image, the ball shaped light fixture is approx. 1m in diameter

The size: of the 2nd image, two fixtures installed are approx. 4m x 2.4m wide each

Order Code for obove fixture: LRC- 0048 – R

Please use arrows inserted on either side of the images to view more options.

A majority of the artists work is custom made to our client’s specifications.  Contact us via email if you have a specific light fixture in mind.

Order Code for above fixture: LRC- 0048 – RR