Indoors or Outdoor Side Tables

African Furniture

Featured here are 3 wood turned side tables and 2 wood hand-carved pebbles. They all can either be used indoors or outdoors  We can also apply a different finish, less glossy, should you prefer to only use them indoors. Please, view more styles of the woodturnings as well as, the satin stained indoor finish here – From Left to Right: Goblet, V-shape and Drum, next to them are the 2 wood pebbles.

These are all made to order and the size requirements can be submitted for prices as well as, lead times.  The wood turned stools have a minimum order or two, it can either be in the same style or a mix of two different styles.  Please use this link to contact us with your requirements.

The sizes of the pictured turnings are approx: 30cm dia x 40cm high

The sizes of the pebbles are approx: 70cm long x wide x 30cm high.  The last pebble from the left is 50 x 50 x 50cm.