Kenyan Flat Wooden Masks│Wall Decor

Kenyan Flat Wooden Masks│Wall Decor 7

These Kenyan flat wooden masks are used as wall decor or placed on Lucite/Plexiglass or wooden stand.  This flat wooden mask placed in any  room at home, the office or a hospitality environment will lend a sculptural element to that setting.

Kenya’s Giryama people, hand carve these flat wooden post, to serve as tombstones called Kikangu.  These grave markers have several functions; representing the Giryama’s way of life as well as, the ancestor’s spirits are honored by erecting these post.  The markers also serves as conduit between the ancestral realm and the land of the living.

The abstract and geometric forms and carved patterns of Kikangu serve as a roadmap representation of the spirit. The gravestone marker is also a tribute and blueprint of the deceased time on earth.

Size: approx. 1.6 – 2 Meters Tall