Project Description

Kids’ Room Decor│Animal Objects

Kids' Room Decor│Animal Objects 6

Farm animal decor for kids rooms, sculptured sheep made from 100% South African Merino Wool.

Size: 35cm x 55cm

Colours: Aubergine, Olive, Orange, Pale Pink, Red, Rust, Sand, Succulent, Wine, Black, Bordeaux, Brown, Citruse, Coral, Dark Grey, Dark Jade, Denim, Natural, Medium Grey, Medium Brown, Lime, Masai Red, Light Jade, Light Grey, Indigo, Forest Green, Ochre.   Contact us at for a colour chart.

All our pieces are hand made from 100% South African Merino wool, as wool is an organic fabric it is important to take special care for the longevity of your product. Please take note of the care & cleaning instructions to best assist with a lifetime of happiness from your wool product.


Do not put your product on an abrasive surface.
Turn over your product on a regular basis to avoid, moisture build up underneath, dust mites & insects.
Dust and clean your product regularly as you would with a couch cushion.
It is very important to vacuum your product on a regular basis.
Spray product with a lavender mist or insecticide every 3 months.
Felt lavender mist is available for purchase from us, please enquire.
Dry Clean or
1. Wash with a soapy sponge & luke warm water
2. Rinse well with a vinagar & luke warm water solution
3. Dry out in the sun
4. Spray with lavender mist
5. Please do not use hot water as wool will shrink

If your product is able to fit in your washing machine, select the ‘wool’ cycle and wash as normal.