Project Description

Lighting Fixtures│Recycled Glass Chandelier

Lighting Fixtures│Recycled Glass Chandelier 6

This chandelier lighting fixtures, made from recycled glass was first tumbled in order to get rid of the sharp edges.  This chandelier has a brass frame with plexiglass/lucite insert.  Each piece of tumbled glass is tied together by hand using galvanized wire.  These ceiling lights were created by a talented artist who believes in green lighting, and finds most of his recycled materials on the beach.

A majority of the artists work is custom made to our client’s specifications.

Available Sizes:

  • 600mm diameter, length   700mm   –   approx. 23.6″ x 27.5″
  • 800mm diameter, length 1000mm  –   approx. 31.4 x 39.3″
  • 1000mm diameter, length 1100mm –   approx.  39.3″ x 43.3″

Order Code: LRC- 0048

Contact us via email if you have a specific light fixture in mind.