Project Description

Pendant Light Fixture│Cone 510│320│180

Pendant Light Fixture│Cone 510│320│180 6

Pendant Light Fixture The Cone 510: SIZE: 900mm h x 510mm d (image available on request)

Pendant Light Fixture The Cone 180: SIZE: 275mm h x 180mm d (image available on request)

Pendant Light Fixture The Cone 320 (seen in this image and describe here)

Materials: 6mm Birch Plywood Shade

Ceiling cup options: Brushed Aluminium Ceiling cup, Powder coated white or black.

Colour: Natural Wood. Should you prefer a solid colour instead of sealed Natural Wood –available colours are:

Red, Chocolate Brown and Black

Coating: Sealed with Low Voc waterbased Polyurethane sealer

Cord: 3m Fabric Cable Cord (we will forward the colour chart for your selection)

Note: For fabric cord wrap tape around fabric before cutting to prevent fraying

Instillation: To be installed by certified electrician only.

For indoor use only.

Lamp Holder: E27 Thermoplastic 220-250VAC 50/60H

Lamp: To be used with LED or CFL Lamps only – Fitted lamp to be minimum 15mm away from the timber on all sides.