Recycled Light Fixture│Chandelier .

Recycled light fixtures, these chandeliers were sustainably sourced and predominantly constructed from recycled materials.  They’re indeed a work of art.  These featured hanging lights were photographed during installations: in a private residences, 5-star hotel or game lodge in somewhere in Africa.

The elements used in constructing these fixtures by hand varies somewhat: The one object, all of them have in common, are recycled tumbled glass.  Furthermore, a mixture of other organic elements where add as well such as: crystals and/or wood beads, shaved cow-horn rings, metal pins, seashells and sometimes even resin molds. These elements can be interchanged.

Frames can either be stainless steel with Plexiglas/Lucite insert to hook the strands on.  A brass colour frame is also an option or glass beads can be attached where the frame was suppose to be, view example here.

4 Available sizes:  Specifications for a custom piece can also be submitted.  All our fixtures are made to order contact us for prices and lead times.




300x2000x400mm (pictured here)

Order Code: LRC- 0051 – We ship internationally.