Sustainably Sourced Ceiling Light

These sustainably sourced porcelain ceiling lights were made by hand.  Each piece of clay was sculpted, by hand, to resemble cherry blossom petals, before being fired at high temperatures in a kiln, turning the organic clay into delicate pieces of art.  After the petals cooled down each delicate porcelain blossom was meticulously stung together to form the strands hanging down, from the stainless steel frame, attached to the ceiling.  The frame has a perfectly fitted Plexiglas (Lucite) insert with hooks, where these strands are hooked onto, to form the shape of this spectacular and unique ceiling light.

Size of this particular fixture:  (sizes are flexible and can be according to submitted specifications) Stainless steel housing is 1.8m long and 300mm wide and 100mm high. The strands are 400mm long and the distance from the top (ceiling) to the lowest strand is 500mm.

Available Colours:  white.

Material: Stainless steel, Plexiglas and handmade ceramic

Order Code: LRC – 0022