Sustainably Sourced Hanging Light

Sustainably Sourced Hanging Light 7

These sustainably sourced hanging lights, where constructed by an artist using mostly recycled tumbled glass and organic materials.  The frame used in this featured image is stainless steel with a Lucite/Plexiglass inserts from where the hand assembled strands of dangling ornaments are hooked in.    Other options to construct a hanging light fixture are also available.  Some of the elements used in this particular light fixture are as following; tumbled glass, seashells, driftwood, wooden beads, sliced cow horn rings, crystals, and lead handmade sinkers. A variety of elements can be incorporated with this lighting fixture.  All fixtures are made to order and if you have specifications you are welcome to submit them.

Popular Sizes:

  • 600mm diameter, length 700mm
  • 800mm diameter, length 1000mm
  • 1000mm diameter, length 1100mm

Order Code: LRC- 0047