Sustainably sourced Indoor Lighting

This sustainably sourced indoor lighting fixture, one of several different designs found on our online store, continue to page to see the other options.  They are all custom made, and this particular fixture was installed in a commercial building. Smaller versions of a similar lighting fixture is possible, please contact us with your specification needs.

Material: brown coral, handmade porcelain blossom petals, as well as, handmade and tumbled Plexiglass (Lucite) shards. Each piece of Plexiglass is first painstakingly cut before heated in a kiln, until they become flexible.  At which point the warm pieces of Lucite are then molded into desired shapes. Finally they are tumbled with a mixture of sand and water until they look like matt glass.

Size: Pictured here – 3 Meter Diam x 5 Meter in length from top of fixture the tip of strand hanging down.

Order Code: LRC- 0040