Tree Root Dining Tables

Tree root dining tables

These sustainably soured tree roots were turned into either coffee tables, dining or entry room tables.  Phases Africa uses a variety of African hardwoods to construct these naturally sculpted functional art tables.  During the sawing process great attention was paid on making sure the distinct features and individual characteristics, of each tree root, were brought to the forefront. Each tree root is unique and an expression of the beauty of Africa’s nature and the root’s wood itself.  Our strict procurement program ensures that we only accept wood from fallen trees that can be verified and its removal from the locations can be determined as legitimate.  Follow this link to view the process these roots undergo from the roots having to be carefully unearthed in hard to reach areas and then transported to a workshop where it is maliciously sandblasted and cut for perfect balance and then sanded by hand before the finish treatment is applied.

Size of featured tree root: 1000 x 1300 x 700H mm

For custom sizes: please contact us for custom orders