Turned Wood Side Tables│Stools

We use only sustainably sourced local South African timbers for these turned wood side tables, coffee tables or stools.

Lighter colored timbers: (Jacaranda, London Plain, White Stinkwood, White eucalyptus, Poplar, Pine)

Darker timbers:  (red eucalyptus)

Please note: cracking, movement and color variation is part of the natural character and appeal of the product. We strongly recommend not adding color on outside stools, as the outdoor elements: water, wind and sun will weather it rapidly.  This product can be placed outside undercover, but should not be exposed to water or full-on sun. We also recommend not placing the turnings directly on rugs due to possible remaining moisture content in the wood.

Please use this link to see more options as well as, this link 

Available size options:

300d x 400h,

300d x 500h,

400d x 400h,

400d x 450h,

400d x 500h,

500d x 400h,

500d x 450h,

500d x 500h,

600d x 400h,

600d x 500h,

700d x 300h,

Finish options: natural wood, or a colour of your choosing added to the sides, as seen in these images.  A scorched (burnt finish) is also an option.

Please note: Hidden castors (for easy mobility) or protective tips, at the bottom of the wood turnings, can be requested.

Care: Should you select casters we recommend treating them with antitrust every 2-4 months to prevent rusting.