Project Description

Turned Wood Side Tables│Stools

We use only sustainably sourced local South African timbers for these turned wood side tables, coffee tables or stools.

Lighter colored timbers: (Jacaranda, London Plain, White Stinkwood, White eucalyptus, Poplar, Pine)

Darker timbers:  (red eucalyptus)

Please note: cracking, movement and color variation is part of the natural character and appeal of the product. We strongly recommend not adding color on outside stools, as the outdoor elements: water, wind and sun will weather it rapidly.  This product can be placed outside undercover, but should not be exposed to water or full-on sun. We also recommend not placing the turnings directly on rugs due to possible remaining moisture content in the wood.

Please use this link to see more options

Available size options:

300d x 400h,

300d x 500h,

400d x 400h,

400d x 450h,

400d x 500h,

500d x 400h,

500d x 450h,

500d x 500h,

600d x 400h,

600d x 500h,

700d x 300h,

Finish options: natural wood, or a colour of your choosing added to the sides, as seen in these images.  A scorched (burnt finish) is also an option.

Please note: Hidden castors (for easy mobility) or protective tips, at the bottom of the wood turnings, can be requested.

Care: Should you select casters we recommend treating them with antitrust every 2-4 months to prevent rusting.