Unique Occasional Chairs

These unique occasional chairs were sculpted by hand in Africa.

Left Chair: This chair was constructed using the following timbers: walnut, eucalyptus saligna, pine, douglas fir, wenge, cherry, yellow wood, oak, zebrano, tallow wood, white pear, teak and chestnut wood.

Approx. Size:  seat height, 43 cm.  total height, 84 cm.  seat width, 36 cm. seat depth, 40 cm.  total foot print, 51 x 37 cm.

Please use this link for more images of this chair.

Right Chair: The timbers used for this handmade chair is as follows: yellow wood, teak, white stinkwood, douglas fir, oak wood, pine, tallow wood, Eucalyptus saligna, poplar, purpleheart, chestnut, iroko, blackwood, wenge, zebrano and walnut wood.

Approx. Size: seat height, 43 cm. total height, 85 cm. seat width. 38 cm. seat depth, 39 cm and total foot print, 39 x 53 cm.