Unique Wall Sconce Light Fixtures

Sustainably sourced unique wall sconce light fixtures made from glass.  The recycled glass is tumbled and then meticulously wrapped in bundles using galvanized wire, and strung together to form individual strands that are then hooked into the fixtures frame.

The elements used in the featured fixture: tumbled glass, galvanized wire and (optional) stainless steel frame.

Size of featured image: approx 200 diameters and height 400 mm – custom sizes available within reason.

Colours: the tumbled recycled glass comes in a large variety of colors.

Options: The wall sconces can also be constructed without using a stainless steel frame, as seen in the second image here – please use the arrows inserted on either side of the image to view this option.

The artists work is all custom made so please contact us with your specifications on size as well as style including the glass colour preference, and we would forward you a quote and lead time.

Order Code: LRC- 0054 (with Stainless steel frame)

Order Code: LRC- 0054B (without Stainless steel frame)