Wall Decor│Soundproofing

Using wall decor is an ideal way to soundproof  residential or commercial spaces.  This brilliant as well as, beautiful arrangement of a felted flowers are available in a variety of colours options as well as, custom sizes, sold per square meter. The wall flowers were constructed by using a blend of top-of-the-line Merino wool and industrial wool.  The felted flowers have a sound absorbing foam backing, that is framed inside (a hidden) fire resistant wood frame.

Size: Sold per square meters.

Available colours: Please visit this post where you will find a chart with colour options to select from, they are as follows: Colours: light grey, medium grey, black, natural, dark grey, sand, medium brown, brown, citruse, orange, ochre, rust, indigo, denim, dark jade, light jade, forest green, olive, lime, succulent, Bordeaux, Masai red, coral, pale pink, wine, aubergine and red.

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