Wall Sconce Porcupine Quill Shade

These wall sconce shades are made using porcupine quills, and are seen in several of Africa’s top 5* game lodges as well as, hotels. We only sell the shades, all options are shaped in a half circles and a perfect fit for standard wall lights.  The porcupine quills were obtained through sustainable green procurement procedures.  Please use the arrows inserted on either side of the image to view more the other option.

The Featured image: The measurements of the depth of these sconces are approximate, because it’s a natural product and sizes of quills can differ slightly.  The measurments were taken with shades placed flat against the wall.

Size: The width of the top of the shade is 100mm and the bottom 180mm and the height 500mm x approx. 100 mm deep

Order Code: PQ-ELE.WALL

Please Note: The height measurements include the very end of quills in all sizes.

The above images: of the porcupine wall sconces are identical, the only difference is the sharp edges can either face up or down, depending on preference.

Size: approx. 250 mm Diam x between 300-320 mm H x approx. 180mm deep

Order Code: PQ – WALL – SQ – Please state if you want the sharp edges to face up or down.