Project Description

Wood Hand-Carved Bamileke

This wood hand-carve Bamileke, from Africa was made for a King’ to sit on during ceremonial rituals in Cameroon, while the people of the Bamileke tribe honor the earth spider. The rosette design that adorns the piece is a visual compliment to the earth spider, (heteroscodra crassipes.) According to legend, the earth spider plays a vital part in solving problems. As the earth spider is an essential link between the present and ancestral underground world.

The “X” shape rosettes of a six or eight star pattern carved into the Bamileke stools indicates a spiders’ shape.  It also suggests the common denominator shared by both spider and King of divine knowledge.

Please select the arrows inserted on either side of the image to see more colour options.

Material: Mansonia Wood (Mansonia altissima.)

Size:  55Diam cm x 41H – Also available in approx. 30, 40, 50, 55, and 60 cm D – however rare they also come in  75 – 80 cm in Diam.  The height of these bamilekes varies, and will be confirmed prior to placing you order.

Order Code: BBC 100