Wool Area Rug│Handmade

Wool Area Rug Handmade, handmade wool area rug, Wool Area Rug│Handmade

Wool area rug all handmade, these 100% plush wool rugs created by master weavers are trained to allow for personal development and the growth of empowered communities in Southern Africa.

The wool used is sourced responsibly from adult Karakul Sheep and is meticulously selected to ensure the highest quality grade. After blending the wool, seamlessly it is then spun and woven resulting in the emerging of supreme quality hand-woven area rugs.

Available Natural Colour Tones: white/cream, light grey, dark grey, speckle – charcoal with chocolate undertones in natural wool, no chemicals are used in the making of these rugs.  light grey, charcoal, chocolate, cream and speckle.

Size: Contact us or prices and lead times as well as, submit your size requirements and colour preferences.

Order Code: Rug 00-52 – Gray Shades