African Decor

Curated by: Phases Africa Furniture and Decor PTY ltd.

An international online shopping experience for sustainably sourced wherever possible and superior quality African decor as well as, African furniture, unique lighting, handmade rugs & African art.  As a result, this company has been in the high-end African decor & furniture business for 20 years.  Today, Phases Africa is considered a leading sources in traditional and contemporary African decor.  Most noteworthy, these impressive decorative pieces are regularly seen in luxury resorts and homes as well as, commercial building across the globe.  Upon visiting the African continent’s prestigious award-winning safari lodges,  it becomes crystal clear, where this popular decorative style found its origins.  We ship internationally.

A Partial List of African Decor & Art; African Bamileke stools and beds from Cameroon as well as,  Senufo stools and beds. Also Pygmy beds, African masks as wall art. African wooden hand-carved tall statues known as colonial figures. West- African beaded armchairs as well as, beaded Kings crowns by the Yoruba People. Flat wooden plank masks that are used as wall art.   Ashanti stools and Nupe stools, Kuba ans Shoowa cloth from the Congo.  And one-of-a-kind chiselled bowls, African bronze art from Benin, antique African grain pots, Ethiopian crosses, Dogon doors and ladders, hand-carved wood doors and panels, and much, much more.


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