Phases Africa’s unique collection of recycled glass light fixtures.  These one-of-a-kind, sustainably sourced, uninque lights are made from natural organic materials such as; hand rolled clay, naturally tumbled pieces of glass, driftwood, seashells and found objects from Africa’s beaches and riverbeds.  There is almost no limit to size, shape, structure and texture.

Recycled & Unique Light Fixtures 1

Workshop Drawing For Bespoke Lighting Fixture – See finished Product in next image.

Lighting Fixtures Sustainable Lighting

Sustainably Sourced Lighting Fixture 

Recycled & Unique Light Fixtures 3

Sustainably Sourced Seashell Ceiling Light Fixture

The elements used in this unique shell light fixture: Mussel Shells, Plexiglass (Lucite) or stainless steel backing Size: 400mm Diam.

Lighting Fixtures - Stainless Steel - Clay Beaded Chandeliers

Lighting Fixtures – Stainless Steel – Clay Beaded Chandeliers

These handmade chandeliers were constructed using stoneware beads, that were hand rolled, and then beautifully draped onto brushed stainless steel frames.  As many as seven different sizes of cream coloured stoneware beads were used to drape these frames by hand.

lighting multicoloured recycled glass stainless steel oval frame

lighting multicoloured recycled glass stainless steel oval frame. Contact Us for lead times and prices.

Lighting fixture │recycled glass chandelier

Lighting Fixture made from tumbled glass with a brass frame

This chandelier lighting fixtures, made from recycled glass was first tumbled in order to get rid of the sharp edges.  This chandelier has a brass frame with plexiglass/lucite insert.  Each piece of tumbled glass is tied together by hand using galvanized wire.

Available Sizes:

  • 600mm diameter, length 700mm – approx. 23.6″ x 27.5″
  • 800mm diameter, length 1000mm – approx. 31.4 x 39.3″
  • 1000mm diameter, length 1100mm – approx.  39.3″ x 43.3″

Recycled & Unique Light Fixtures 5

Glass Chandelier made from Recycled Tumbled Glass and Stainless Steel Frame Contact Us for more details

Recycled & Unique Light Fixtures 7

Hanging Light made from recycled tumbled glass.

Recycled & Unique Light Fixtures 9

Tube Stainless Steel Frame with sustainably sourced multicoloured tumbled glass.

Ligting and Fixtures│Recycled Glass Wall Sconse

Recycled Tumble Glass Wall Sconce with Stainless Steel Frame

Recycled & Unique Light Fixtures 11

Recycled rectangular glass, beads and cow bone chandelier

Please use this link to contact us for price and lead times.  Also, please forward your specification requirements such as: size and colour options.